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Harry F. Miller File Richard W. Kellow File

Legal Series

This series consists of agreements, assignments, licenses, deeds, mortgages, and other legal documents, along with related correspondence and financial records that were collected or created for legal purposes. The files were maintained by Edison's personal secretaries, Harry F. Miller and Richard W. Kellow, as well as by Edison's brother-in-law, John V. Miller (no relation to Harry F. Miller), who assumed Kellow's role after 1921.

Harry F. Miller File. Harry Frederick Miller began his association with Edison in 1888 as an assistant in the office of John F. Randolph, f drop's personal business secretary. He succeeded Randolph as secretary in 1908. Miller also served as treasurer of Thomas A. Edison, Inc., and as an official in several other Edison companies.

The documents in the Miller File are arranged in three groups that parallel the arrangement of the archival record group at the Edison National Historic Site. The majority of documents in the first two groups relate to the chemical plants that Edison set up at the beginning of World War I- On the other hand, the items in Group 3, which constitutes the bulk of the Miller File, are primarily from the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Selections from the years prior to 1 91 1 have been published in previous parts of the microfilm and digital editions of the Thomas A. Edison Papers.

The documents in Group 3 were originally filed in a series of 181 numbered envelopes. These envelopes and their contents lacked consistent chronological or topical organization. Although the arrangement of folders in the archival record group at the Edison National Historic Site parallels the original envelope system, the documents selected for publication have been rearranged in chronological order.

Richard W. Kellow File. Richard Wesley Kellow began has association with Edison in 1916 as assistant secretary in the Secretarial Service Department of Thomas A. Edison, Personal. He succeeded Miller as secretary in 1917 and remained in that position until 1921.

The bulk of the material in the Kellow File dates from the period that he served as secretary, although there are earlier documents that were probably collected by Kellow in relation to later matters, along with items from after

1 921 that were most likely added to the file by John V. Miller. Selections from the years prior to 191 1 have been published in previous parts of the microfilm and digital editions of the Thomas A. Edison Papers.

The documents in the Kellow File were originally filed in a series of envelopes numbered from 1 through 259. Each envelope generally contained several documents pertaining to a particular individual, business interest, business relationship, or transaction. A few envelopes are missing from the sequence. The arrangement of folders in the archival record group at the Edison National Historic Site parallels the original envelope system. However, the folders selected for publication have been rearranged in chronological order according to the earliest document in each folder.

There is some overlap between the documents in the Miller and Kellow files. For example, items pertaining to the sale of Edison's interest in the Lansden Co., a manufacturer of electric delivery wagons, can be found in both collections. In addition, there are legal documents and correspondence in the Edison General File, closely related to the material in the Miller and Kellow files, which may at one time have been in those files.

Legal Series Records Not Selected

Legal Department Records

These records consist of correspondence, patent interference files, litigation case files, and other legal material. Established in 1904, the Legal Dept, dealt primarily with patent concerns, including applications, interferences, and infringement litigation, but it also handled a variety of other legal matters, such as real estate transactions, copyright and trademark cases and the execution of agreements, assignments, and licenses. Edison's personal attorney, Frank L. Dyer, served as general counsel of the Legal Dept, until his resignation in 1 91 2. Dyer's assistant, Delos Holden, succeeded him as head of the department and served until his retirement in 1 921 . Holden was succeeded by Henry Lanahan. Both Holden and Lanahan were assisted by William A. Hardy, who had worked as an assistant examiner with the U.S. Patent Office before joining the Legal Dept.

Selected items from this record group, primarily covering the years prior to 1911, were published in Thomas A. Edison Papers: A Selective Microfilm Edition,’ Part IV. Selections for the period 1911-1931 will be published in TAEP Part VI.

Assignments of Motion Picture Rights, 1909-1927

These documents, unprocessed as of April 2007 , consist of agreements assigning the motion picture rights to short stories, plays, and other works. Each agreement is signed by an author or publisher holding copyright and by a representative of the Edison Manufacturing Co. or Thomas A. Edison, Inc. (TAE Inc.) Purchase prices range from $1 0 to $500. Included are agreements involving authors Mary Shipman Andrews, Bessie V. Bannon, Ralph Henry Barbour, Rex Beach, Richard Harding Davis, O. Henry, and Mark Swan. Many of the rights were subsequently reassigned by TAE Inc. to Robert L. Giffen, who purchased Edison's motion picture business in 1919. Some were reassigned to George Kleine, one of the founders of the Kalem Co., who formed a producing and distributing company known as the Kleine-Edison Feature Film Service in 1915.


Legal Series Harry F. Miller File

The Harry F. Miller File contains contracts, financial material, correspondence, interoffice communications, and other legal and business records that were maintained by Miller in his capacities as Edison s personal business secretary (1908-1917) and as an official in several Edison companies. The dated items cover the years 1911-1 923. There are also a few undated ledger sheets that are probably from the early 1900s. Most of the documents for the period 1917-1923 were handled by Millers assistant, Richard W. Kellow, who succeeded him as secretary of Thomas A. Edison, Personal.

The documents are arranged in three groups that parallel the arranqement of the archival record group at the Edison National Historic Site. An item level finding aid forthe record group is available. Related material can be found in the Richard W. Kellow File (Legal Series) and in the Edison General File Series.

Group 1 :

Benzol Plant Correspondence (1915)

Group 2:

Ledger Sheets (ca. 1907)

Allis-Chalmers Case Settlement (1911)

Financial Material (1913-1914)

Chemical Correspondence and Contracts (1915-1919)

PLegal and Personal Business Records (1911-1923)

Legal Series Harry F. Miller File Records Not Selected

Group 1

Meadowcroft Memoranda (1919-1924). Seven folders of routine interoffice communications to Miller from Edison's personal assistant, William H. Meadowcroft. The documents, which were originally stored together in a black binder, deal with mundane financial matters such as U.S. money orders, stamps, and currency.

Letterbook, (1907-1916). Selections from this letterbook appear in Thomas A. Edison Papers: A Selective Microfilm Edition, Part IV.

Group 2

In addition to the unselected items characterized in the editorial descriptions for the four selected folders, unselected documents include production and shipment records for paraphenylenediamine, 1916; building permits and applications for new structures at Silver Lake, New Jersey, 1916; documents relating to the formation of Canadian Edison Phonographs, Ltd., 1 920; routine monthly statements for a rarely-used Edison account at the First National Bank in West Orange, 1920-1925; receipts to Mina Miller Edison for mortgage payments on property owned by her on 10 Fifth Avenue in New York City, 1920-1925; and fur storage receipts for Mina Edison, 1928-1929, issued to her brother John V. Miller.

Legal Series -- Harry F. Miller File Group 1: Benzol Plant Correspondence (1915)

This folder, which covers the period January-April 1915, contains correspondence relating to the construction of plants to reclaim benzol from coal gases atthe works of the Cambria Steel Co. in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Woodward Iron Co. in Woodward, Alabama; and Dominion Iron & Steel Co in Svdney Nova Scotia. Most of the items are routine orders for parts and materials, handled by Edgar S. Opdyke, purchasing agent for the Edison Portland Cement Co. and manager of several of Edison s chemical plants at Silver Lake, New Jersey. Other correspondents include Harry F. Milter, who received copies of the orders from Opdyke for approval. Some of the items bear brief marginal notations by Edison.

Approximately 15 percent of the documents have been selected. The unselected material consists of routine orders, shipping records and correspondence pertaining to orders for the Edison Portland Cement Co.

. ^^amubd&lUotu

The Edison Portland Cement Co.

lm.uorno.nl Tdegr.pK Freight and Pwiooger Station, NEW VILLAGE, N. J. Pmuau.nr.m,1?.

We attaoh hereto carbon copy of our letter to Jaooh Wilson Estate, under date of the 29th inBt., from which you

increase their order to 58 castings; the order is to remain as originally given, i.e. 48.

We alBO attach oarhon copies, of our letter orders to the Kuebler Foundries, under dates of January 22nd and 28th., whioh when you confirm, v/e appreciate your mailing us copy for our files and future reference. This material is all chargeable to the Benzol Plant. We have omitted the price per pound for the castings as this has not been definitely settled on aooount of some extra labor which will be involved for working overtime and changing rf&tterns in order to make rush deliveries.

Yours very truly,


Pur Shasi^rg^ Agent.


Kuebler Foundries,

Keeton, Fa.

January 22, 1018.


Confirming verbal order given you today by the writor, you will please enter the following order in

order. Village, cart the eo that

Beotione with patterns to you by^way^of expreee^

Thin order is placed with you with the dlotinot underotanSfhat you will furnieh one oaoting daily or two daily, if in any way poeeiblo to do eo, shipment at this rate to begin within a day or two after your receipt of the pattern, or in other worde, just aa quickly ao 1$

Is possible for you to prepare the clasps opd naooosary equipment.

Price for oleon rough oustings to be


_ ji per pound delivored f.c.b. oars your «orko, or

if neoeuuary to oart them, the minimum charge for carting to be allowed.

Your a very truly,


Purohaelng Agent.



January 30, 1915.

Crane & Co. ,

Mechanic Street,

Newark, H.J.


Please enter the following order in the name an for the account of Thomas A. Edison, Orange, N.J., who will later . mail yon his regular confirmation order. Do not hold up shipment awaiting confirmation. _

Consign m^rl>«h^via freight, to New Village,

H j.' M delivery. In the event you cannot make immediate

shipmen^t^m^eriayrom your' New^k or Hew York stock, please immediately 'W e'Sr^at^ur e^nse as : tc get the fittings' scmewltaw^else loca^

■•^iehty (80) 4” Cast _

Lay he nocessary for us

) 4” uasr irj^Pipe Plugs * /

Five (5) 2" Countersunk Cast Iron Pipe Plugs.

. Although you will render the invoice in the name of Thomas A. Edison, you will please mail it to us here at Stewarts- ville, N . j. , as well as the hill of lading covering the shipment. Your 8 very truly ,


Cys to Hr. H.F. Miller, ^

Mr. John Bacon, Jr. Mr. C. Person.

Purchasing Agent. [

Company's 5' x 4' roll sot.

J/ Euebler Foundry Company, February 1st,

/ Crane Company, February 4th.

. Mr.C.H.Bean, General Eleotrio Co., Feh. 4th. < /Warren Foundry & Machine Oo* 4th*

VWew Jersey Wire Cloth Co., Feh. 4th.

Yours very truly,


Enolcs. 5

The Edison Crushing Roll Co.


Mr. H. F. Miller, See’y. Edison Laboratory, Orange, K. J.

Feb. 12,

Dear Sir:-

We attach herewith carbon copies of our letter orders placed with the American Steel Foundries, Lehigh Car. Wheel & Axle Works and Wm. Sellers & Co. for the account of Thomas A. Edison, for material to be used on the 5 x 4 ft. rolls for the Keystone Plaster Co., and request that you issue your regular confirmation, forward¬ ing us, as in the past, carbon copy.

We also attach carbon copy of our letter order placed for the account of Thomas A. Edison with the G. M. Davis Regulator Co., covering the material for Benzol plant, covering which we request that you issue your regular confirmation.


0, B. Davis llegulntor Co., 123 Liberty »t..

Her York City.

T?eb. 10, 1915


You will please enter the followin'- order in the nano/for the account of Thomas A. ’id is on, Orange, H.J., who will later mail you his regular confirmation order. Shipment of t>^ material' to be made to Thomas A. Edison, o/o Cam'oria^rtsa^lo.j^rfbhnfttown, i‘u., via oxpraos* Do not hold up shipment confirmation order.

Although the^Suiteri al will be billed in the none of Thomas A. Kdioon, you will please arrange to forward the invoice, ao woll ns express receipt, to us at ntowarteville, r. .T.J-

1-2" ocrowod Davis *1 Pressure hegulator or deducing Valve, to operate on water nt an Initial prsssuro of 20 to DO lbs. and a delivery pressure of If) to 20 lbs.

Price <530.00 not, less dot, f.o.b. ours shipping point, with freight allowed.

This, confirms telephone order to your off! oq yesterday and wo understand that you will wire direst to your factory for immediate shipment.

Yours very truly,

•m» iSDiaon wmj.dK.) ckkxht co..


7 ^ ^^oiruwQ-fijwffru

•The Edison Portland Cement Co.



February 25, 1915.

Mr. H. F. Miller,

Edison Laboratory,

Orange, H.J.

Dear Sir:-

We attach herewith the following oarhon ocpies of our letter orders covering materials placed for your account for the Dominion Iron & Steel Co., ltd..

Rihcard J. I.ippey,

Jacob Wilson Estate, Warren Fay & Machine Co. Dukens Iron & Steel Co.,

Feb . 24th. Feb. 24th, Feb. 24th, Feb. 24th j

Your s very truly ,


The Edison Portland Cement Co.


Feb. 25, 19X5

Mr. H. F. filler,

Edison Laboratory, Orange, N. J.

Dear Sir:-

We attach herewith copy of our letter order under date of the 251h inst. to Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, covering material placed for your account for the Canadian Benzol plant. As usual, youwill please issue your confirmation order, mailing us copy for future references.

Yours very truly,

ESO/Y/EC Ends: -2


t’eb. 35, 19X5

Joseph T. Hyeraon ft aon,

SO Churoh Utreot,

2iow York City.

Uentl (Wiens -

You will please mi tor the following order in the nemo nncl for the account of Thonao A. '.Sdiaon, Orange, «. 3., who will later mail you Uia regular con¬ firmation order, tfov/ovor. do not holi shipment await¬ ing thie confirmation order, whicli wl‘QlAo a few days in reaching .you. . \ \ I

Shipping nMtmotiono:- fhiiBon t'ortlond Cement Co., Hew .Village, L J., via freight, 1.. ft W. delivery. / | /

j/ln acknowledging receipt of this order advice bane price at which the steel will be furnished, f.o.b ears shipping point.

3 ohooto 1/4" x 60" x 114" Tank Oteel

4 " 1/4" X 42" X 42"

1 length 1/4" x 2 1/2" * 2 1/3" x 20' Angle Steel

2 shoots 3/16" x 48" X 5V" Tank Steal

4 " 1/4" x 22" X 23“ Tank Hteol

1 length 1/4" x 1 1/3" x 1 1/2" x 12' Anglo Steel

Tills order io placed with you with the understanding that you will arrange to make shipment of this material from your JSoonton or Jersey City otock tomorrow morning, forwarding it via 0, j,. * w. noil road.


Mr. J.T.a.&aon.

naturally, you will not have the tanlt steel or the exeat else above specified, but you nay fur¬ nish us With your Bloch sizes furnishing them in dimensions co that the above plates can be out with the minimum amount

of waste.

nearest lengths you above specified.

In regards to the single Btael, ship t! have in atocU longer than the nines

Youm very truly.

Til,.; ijplhoh J?0HTJ.A510 CUiBHT CO,,

i'urohuoini: /<geiit.


3 ?69

Cambria. Steeb Company


JOHNSTO™,!^ April 3, 1915,

. A

Ur. W. H. Uason,

Dear Sir:-

vie can quote you delivery of two « better* and

price of 3-1/2 cent, per pound for the following material. The weights are estimated -

Cooler tanks - - - - - lo'lwf

Separator - - - 900#

Seal tank - - - " CIII-H - 7,160# ^ LlV -

30" piping - ---- _____ 700# $} /v//.'

One Oast iron _ 208# / 1 _ _

Two east iron 8 saddles _ 450# ,

One manhole frame - - / t

The price for the brass one inch spray nobles will fe

as follow s:-

40-1" spray nozzles at $3.00 each - $120.00

Very truly yours,


yv 1

Chief Engineer.

^9 o(

April 3,


Cambria Steel Co., Johnstown, Pa.


Reply ing to your quotation of April 3rd by Hr. J. Vi. Clarice. Chief Snginoer. of 3-1/2 cents per pound for -

Cooler tanks - ?o* bm#

Seal tank .... 7 2.60$

One clstnfron goaf

Two cast iron 8" - £08*

one manhole > .

iSstiraated W&g|t, ^ 47*753,?

and forty one inc^rey lozzfes It *3.00 a piece, we accept your quotation and wish ytu/o|ad go ahead with this work at once, shipping to Woodwari/ron Company, Woodward. Alabama. Confirmation of this will be forwarded from our Orange, Off ice.

Very truly youre,


Legal Series -- Harry F. Miller File Group 2: Ledger Sheets (ca. 1907)

These ledger sheets summarize Edison's personal finances in several categories. There are four sets of sheets with the titles "General Ledger," "I Investments?] & Credits?], " "Laboratory?] & M," and "Investments Ledger." Although the accounts themselves are undated, the dates "Jany 1 904," "Jany 1906," and "Jan 1907" are inscribed by Edison in the margin on one of the sheets. Many of the other entries are also annotated by Edison. Included are entries pertaining to Edison's investments in the bonds of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad, New York Central Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad, and several other railroads, as well as in the stocks and bonds of his own companies. Also included are entries relating to the cost of various experiments with project numbers that correspond to those in Project Number Notebooks N-01-03-15 and N-02-01-17 ( Thomas A. Edison Papers: A Selective Microfilm Edition, Part IV, reel 180). Most of the experiments date from 1907, although there is one from December 1903.

All of the documents have been selected.

i\d, 7! /U / W SduL<n^- AlUa^e. Wetth^ - | j

8\r1 ?^X\ S'! Sclcasn-L- tfcrCt&Murf GLtw&n/K. 6^ | j

M* fhj? •• ' -y I r .

! \s 2.\%2- iA. (o dCun-i^.. . ) /■ ij

i ,tf S~C>\3 4 f '^A<n-VL£V0 CL-. &cUitun'L-J'i- (F \ :•

'^,7 o \X'S‘s\s. ‘‘hvu e/&<n'i*MA CL- &cLoo-trU..) ij

I ; ^}7.jJ- /I7 (P&Cfcj. JocuJy */*. o j

I / 3 U~S 4s" <&HJWject ©n - XomM- .

'j ! I i AA^a^U&^tL (knAivi-ui, <He.eAivtA^ .crj[ 7z^|v ^ *

j"] . /'Wo *[» 'yh.'2>Jry£u - -p- - j

' j /\Xm- /!<*• Ccj - '^V ;

j /izj/ <3 . & j (/3 JZrt't/ZJn-ls Sty

'■■ '.A &,- |

1 1/ / x-'-/ 0 6 i J'LcuU^rM,aA- UfwwTTyuifj^ '-'V ■;

: 7 . , , ;7 i<sk^ *%& ^ y (&**&% * i!

£ 7 *9 !■ -J: / X&^L, ft 'JL g*) 9 -Bsu^lcd % i : y. oio^mj £jLrtiL-Z>^

j ;<f oio \<Xf>&viMA "yyLayCiOv^.

; V: 0 jl (P-

39 o p</fau<u (S 9< X')lc. /S'tArtsLn'xPt.t V" "v |: >;3 ? ^ , 0 ;

2. O 7! 7^ 7 . £? (fry %?<-/' j <-f-.9.S'S o $ l&. '»•<■''


? 0.0.0 O: o\ (7U4Cl CtdcU^C) feoe4frMXut)

j £ z-.ji^. <44. ftiit&si. ^

.7 SW-^ IAJ AlfUl/

, 2-A(AC. ftuhsu

: c, vAxfl* &£tC'

i i : / 2-:IL/f £2- (Af^'lrfsCt- J)

ftt/VyLCL* t- /


!.; Ij/jj 40 4* f

} |J/ ^19 (o&aSlJXo Gctupan^ A/l ivUv^-T- |

I ; jiff!? t s AoTArajixL /&£cvvt.cLeM'-*_ P'^'^ jf ;

! if ^.|f !/ J'o (SdCurH- Aun^- ScrnX^ApAaJAAA-Q (so. i j UU 7 !6 S.j&ccJC- | !

b I 7 i&i</i.cr| "u?. v( . .•_ ~=rr_

J I . (Ms tstr'fc Mf*s<sv-aji.cL-

''t^R.OA^AO MjsCtisUrtJUb •' I

! \(AJ- &■ a/sO^yVL^Le- . I

XHjuaj' U)<nsKo j

y) i[*

l(Sduunts (A/o/i4£a •••• j

j bC $asi*dkjLa£Ji, V I

j y?<a/W'L£tf xffiasiMTVL. <t\ 60 j

! M'fijz/isist'i.asi'is dSa'ftcJis 6 60

y^asisisvui^sitJe. V (FcdKaJed. Gt)

I &AJUAA <&sV1-C/K Go Ij

; jj^a/t-vL&d A' tfe-Cs ifi 80 jj

; \£<r£Co (Z&liSLAsZ#

| S*vwuz/u <A d/vi'teA'LcL

j'7\° H°\7 cA 1 \./\e C>\3.7 ?!.4 i. !/ S.7 3.^.1.

\ \(j\. % ..d/4'. cMMe^dJalci^L. @0 i|

; ^iasym^a-CsMAs " sQe*uJW*MJlAs &, jj

„: j ^£ljUas1^.cl£.

'fol&vUtuni-' lfitnAA<dA^ Go ! bSkost-CjA. TyLotnJlJisU dh-ees |

: ! 'kathn't-cdl (?AJUl/WsxAlMe^(LAJ-(t<L. (y ;;

; 'tfLdrGt-C- jQojurt-C-C- So^o^-cdca-U- efa7l-p'i

\'tfLo-£s "\/ @<nwU%AJ

; '^^cl^cLculcL G)aJL ^<7

Od£^udist^a LAJmJd^ ij

^p?Ac- y( esiJistsOLs^(jt-. ijsOvrsL/fjLd. ■/$A.oa1s> (isSLfysUXlO @7 dtnxJsvi^fL lAJcLblA- G* iCQ . (fo(v\s “Tt-t y<sLnjxsx.cL. &°y \-LAf zaJjLnsvt. (AmasOx. ((^As-^uuju-t^ 60 -

; (T^x^o A £■>

lOOj&l'tjxx'- S> 6cjdn.cc. St

\£. etc. d/'ceSx-i. ji

j idBjLasx-chn-e. 0(>AstHK . - jj

L.&Wu, C^iSsx-veeoA UsudnjjyJtAsi^^ Go |

I.J [(J&JLOXASX. *V ‘^1/lf%^"‘

j ! fe^.<vi^co &o-vd>JUo d\ 6t |!

i rae'i-t-e'u*-^- SijLcJju-e. So ij

j \^.^>4/’<reJ{j!X.yj-o<>\ So jj

! iUSV Qaaosudzsl i A sScrxo I

i ^tfjLasbk ,?v Go

j dp- /(ll/VVXAAb- <h Go ]|

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j |j QcvYIaJJ) GjlsO-XAT^tt- n/) i|

j (ZeJjxxsdLlL Go |

\M. UT.Qv-$TsI-KsV -. 'h^tMA^S-lX-bl- Co j

cfC^oM^ <A (jUsl&a. $o . jl

facJLrvucol S>JL <f> A<*jud% So .j

j ^ bUU^/^l <L<^Y, \

^0uO<I^Jl^1. m/L-tn^fi- /Qyt^Movu^G j \lAUCi \cOAMsQ* (A &JLC&VO

\$SVMjtcM^r-i> p . -•

I Q^&iriM-CLrf CL \b gClAgi-o. SCbiA/iJjZJi-

d\ So . .

i^huL6 111. tflo-tn'<JM \l4/cotb> S> as\-i^<d9cCJL St, fdJUoJLejLaJJuL. S>*«sVTjltrfrJ!. So

ItA/V S. n

.(PCcoUr “V lAJ cotiJt^uyuvL. UljJf-tA^C^L G

\Ssll7iCc. S. R£a.eLtMr‘'

\.<f/, xdl(liln- (fctji^iO 60

yyut CD-tn*s^.a££ <h (PcrtljUi-Po

:^[VLc/(^t ctsot-cL . LCSv\AyitiAi

Vi- %. S^JLJLa.

. (C/iA/itiJsi/vi-fi Co .

clRut CL . <A ~3>. (fc)si*<rotn't-. S 0 i<2). Sb^Aovooi <h 'bn-o- S’jlCSa. CL TcflsijastLAJL. <A Sc, .

d<A- & . ^'^JC^A^CLAASIsULS-.

upv Q, ch 60

; ‘JljUAr! So

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cjioio o.o ScCu voko'.. /?Hfrq G.v\ . j |"

i ! ! I /£/L<ZoK T-tf.G.y 7 2

Legal Series -- Harry F. Miller File Group 2: Allis-Chalmers Case Settlement (1911)

This folder contains agreements and correspondence relating to the settlement of a 1 909 royalty dispute between Edison, the Allis-Chalmers Co., and other companies using Edison's crushing roll technology, the patents on which had recently been upheld by the courts. Included are the main agreement of November 29, 1911, along with supplementary agreements (exhibits) specifying the new terms under which royalties were to be paid and accounted. The companies involved include Casparis Stone Co., Church Quarry Co., Dunbar Stone Co., Empire Limestone Co., and Kelley Island Lime & Transport Co. Other individuals involved include Louis Hicks, counsel for Edison, and Walter S. Mallory, vice president of the Edison Crushing Roll Co., who witnessed most of the agreements.

Approximately 80 percent of the documents have been selected. The unselected material includes court-issued mandates, decrees, and stipulations pertaining to the withdrawal of appeals and the vacating of certain previous decisions.

Other documents relating to this case can be found in E-1 1-59 (Legal - Litigation) in the Edison General File Series and in Edison v. Allis-Chalmers Co. et al. ( Thomas A. Edison Papers Digital Edition, QX001).


are annexed ;-

i- Exhibit a. -being contract dated Nov. 29,

' Thomas' Edison and Dunbar stone Co., granting U oense.

2 Exhibit B, being contract, dated Nov. 29, 1911,

^homaH; Edison and E^ire limestone fio., granting license.

.*• =§IMH: jjb.'d'&jaS-* SIC*""

his. future licensees.


under Exhibit A, supra.

e feS1"

Tinder Exhibit B, supr a.

! L

; L Kiwwt1": »T

Exhibit -B, supra.

I. gtigulation and decree of U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals dismissing appeal.

II. Mandate of TJ. S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

III. Decree of TJ. S. Circuit Court entered on said Mandate^


- -_V. ctinulation and final decree for injunction.. ^

' ,vi. Inunction with marshal 1 a return -of service on AlMf- .

^-■■'Ch^mers -Co.-andnEnTpiredhi.iinesupnerfCo.n ~-r . -

solicitors for defendants.

Dated j)eo .; 21 , 1911*


Counsellor- at-1 aw,

^ Nassau Street,

Hew York, N. Y.

THIS AGREEMENT MADE AND ENTERED INTO THIS $7 day of fe^D. 1911 Detween THOMAS A. EDISON Of West Orange, New Jersey, party of the fir at part, and ALLIS- CHALMERS COMPANY, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of New Jersey, with General Offices at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, party of the second part,


WHEREAS: a suit is pending at the present time, commenced in the Circuit Court Of the United States, Western District of Hew York, in which party of the first part is Complainant, and party of the second part, EMPIHE LIMESTONE COMPANY and CASPARIS STONE COMPANY, are Defendants, claiming infringement Of UNITED STATES LETTERS PATEN® NOS. 672,616

Iand 672,617, each dated April 23, 1901, granted to and owned hy party of the first part, covering a method Of and apparat¬ us for "breaking rook; and

WHEREAS: a decision has "been rendered in the said Circuit Court, Western District- Of New York, sustaining said Letters Patents, from which decision the said defendants have taken an appeal; and

WHEREAS: it is mutually desired that said litigation De now terminated and that various matters involved there¬ with concerning the parties to this agreement be settled as hereafter stated; ,£/


FIRST i . Party of the second part agrees to with¬

draw at this time the appeal in the said bu it brought *y party of the first part in the Cirouit Court of the United States, western Distriot of New York, to con amt to the

entry of a final decree for an injunction aoccrdlng to the interlocutory deoree and reciting payment of ooetB and settlement of part damages according to the provisions of this agreement, and to pay the taxable costs in said suit, and does hereby recognize the validity of said U. S.

Letters Patents Hob. 672,616 and. 672, 617 Of April 23, 1901. Party of the first part agrees to consent to the cancella¬ tion of the bond filed in said suit by the Empire Limestone ; Company. Both .parties agree to consent to the vacation of the order requiring .the .Bmpire; Limestone Company to file monthly statements and partially suspending the interlocutors injunction pending appeal.

SECOHP: . Party of the first part hereby releases,

and agrees that all licensees under him affected by this oontraot shall release, party Of the. second part, its purchasers or any users of its machinery, from all claims of every kind for damages on account Of past infringement of J said Letters Patent Nos. 672,616 and 672,617, in so far as the plant Of the Empire Limestone Company at Pekin, H. Y. and the plant of the Dunbar Stone Company at River Rouge, Mioh. are concerned.

THIRD: 1 4, ..At the present time the DONBAR STORE , COMPANY, Of River Rouge, Michigan, and the EMPIRE LIMESTONE COMPANY, of Pekin, New York, are the owners of and are oper- ating large crushing or Sledging Rolls purchased originally I from party of the second part, which it 1b agreedy as installed, constitute infringements of the said Letters Patent before mentioned. IT IS HEREBY AGREED that party Of

Ithe first part shall forthwith grant a lioense to the said


under the patents before mentioned, and the eaid party of the second part undertakes that the said DONBAR STONE COMPANY and said EMPIRE LIMESTONE COMPANY, shell take out

suoh license, in the form and on the terms of the copies of | licenses hereto attaohed, marked in the oaae of the fOHBAR STOHE COMPANY, "EXHIBIT A", and in the oaBe of the EMPIRE LIMESTONE COMPANY, "EXHIBIT B". Party Of the first part j agrees to and does hereby release the said DONBAR STONE I COMPANY and the said EMPIRE LIMESTONE COMPANY from all obligations for. the payment of all royalties as set forth and specified in eaid "EXHIBIT, A", and "EXHIBIT respective ly, and in lieu thereof it ie agreed that party of the second part shall pay the party of the first' part royalties .as hereafter stated in full settlement of all royalties duo on aooount of the two installations before mentioned, via:

Six-tenths (6/X>;tha /) of a oent per oubio yard Of all material crushed by or passed through the Rolls at the Plant of the WJNBAR STONE COMPANY, and which may be crushed or broken stone, including screenings and