REF BX9099 .F37 1915 v. 3 Scott, Hew, 1791-1872. Fasti ecclesi scotican




The Rev. W. S. Crockett, Minister of Tweedsmuir, Convener and General Editor

Francis James Grant, W.S., Rothesay Herald and Lyon Clerk, Vice-Convener

and Joint-Editor.

The Very Rev. Professor James Cooper, D.D., D.Litt., D.C.L.

W. Traquair Dickson, W.S.

The Rev. Professor James Mackinnon, Ph.D., D.D.

Sir James Balfour Paul, C.V.O., LL.D., Lord Lyon King-of-Arms.

The Rev. Arthur P. Sym, B.D.

The Rev. Robert W. Weir, D.D.


The Very Rev. David Paul, D.D., LL.D., Edinburgh

The Rev. Thomas Burns, D.D., Edinburgh

The Rev. W. W. Coats, D.D., Brechin

The Rev. R. Menzies Fergusson, D.D., Logie

The Rev. James Gillan, D.D., Edinburgh The Rev. J. King Hewison, D.D., Rothesay The Rev. J. Mitchell, D.D., Mauchline The Rev. Robert Pryde, D.D., Glasgow The Rev. J. R. Aitken, M.A., Edinburgh The Rev. William Auld, B.D., Carnock The Rev. James W. Blake, M.A., Temple The Rev. John Burleigh, Ednam The Rev. Andrew Burns, Fenwick The Rev. J. A. Cameron, B.D., Legerwood The Rev. A. J. Campbell, B.A., Glasgow The Rev. J. T. Cox, B.D., Dyce The Rev. A. A. Duncan, B.D., Auchterless The Rev. Richard Henderson, B.D., Longside

The Rev. Geo. D. Hutton, M.A., B.Sc, Bothkennar

The Rev. J. F. Leishman, M.A., Linton

The Rev. A. J. Macdonald, Killearnan

The Rev. A. M. MacGregor, Lochryan

The Rev. Arch. Maclaren, Glasgow

The Rev. J. Muirhead, B.D., Avendale

The Rev. J. W. Murray, B.A.(Oxon.), Manor

The Rev. W. H. Porter, Cidts, Pitlessie

The Rev. Harry Smith, M.A., Old Kil- patrick

The Rev. James Smith, B.D., Aberdeen

The Rev. W. Stephen, B.D., Inverkeithing

The Rev. D. Macfarlane Wilson, Thornton

The Rev. Wm. Wilson, M.A., Trossachs

C. E. W. Macpherson, C.A., Edin.

Thomas Reid, M.A., Lanark

J. H. Stevenson, M.B.E., K.C., Advocate, Edinburgh





/ BY



Revised and continued to the Present Time under the Superintendence of a Committee appointed by the General Assembly







The Editorial Committee regret the delay in issuing this Third Volume of the Fasti. The Volume has been in type for a year, but publishing difficulties having arisen in consequence of the enormous increase in printing expenses, the work could not be further proceeded with at the time.

Volume Three, including within its scope the Presbytery of Glasgow, has entailed an unusual amount of often difficult and arduous research. Thanks must be accorded to many persons, both clerical and lay, who have helped in the preparation of this Volume. The Committee are specially indebted for much assistance to the Clerks of the various Presbyteries, and to the Rev. Andrew Burns, Fenwick; the Rev. W. S. Brownlee, Clydebank; the Rev. John Muirhead, Avendale; the Rev. Archibald Maclaren, Glasgow, and Mr Thomas Reid, M.A., Lanark. They have also to thank Mr D. A. Boyd, Saltcoats, and Mr James R. Anderson, Ayr, for placing valuable notes at their disposal. Pains have been taken to verify the informa- tion given, but the book does not claim to be immaculate. It has been found that information taken from pedigrees, and even from tombstones, is frequently contradictory and misleading. Causes of trouble nearly always occur in proper names and dates. In almost eveiy case, however, the material now furnished has been transcribed from the Records of the Church, the Separate Registers of each Presbytery, the Public Records in H.M. Register House and else- where, and all the printed literature available on Parish and Family Histories, Biographies, Newspaper Sketches, etc.

The Volume has been brought down to the eve of publication.

10th June 1920.

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Synod of Glasgow and Ayr I. Presbytery of Ayr II. Presbytery of Irvine

III. Presbytery of Paisley

IV. Presbytery of Greenock V. Presbytery of Hamilton

VI. Presbytery of Lanark VII. Presbytery of Dunbarton VIII. Presbytery of Glasgow

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. minister


. baptized

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. ordained


. collated

pres. .

. presented


. contract


. presbytery


pro. .

. proclaimed


. demitted

res. .

. resigned


. deposed


. without issue


. inducted


. translated


. instituted


. university


. licensed


. unmarried


The Synod Eegister begins 30th August 1687.


[In 1581 the General Assembly had in view the erection of a Presbytery at Ayr. How soon thereafter this Court was actually constituted does not appear. The Presbytery Eegister begins at 20th April 1642. There is a gap in the Records from 22nd Jan. 1651 to 3rd Aug. 1687.]


[The parish of Alloway is ancient, and was a prebend of the Chapel Royal of Stirling. Its church was dedicated to St Mungo. In 1690 the parishes of Ayr and Alloway were united. The ancient church of this parish, " Alloway's auld haunted kirk," the romantic scene of Tam o' Shanter's ghostly vision, still stands roofless in its churchyard, a finely placed, impressive ruin. Near its west end is St Mungo's Well, which Burns has not overlooked in the poem. In the churchyard is buried William Burns, the poet's father. In 1858 a mission chapel was built close to the churchyard gate. By decree of the Court of Teinds, 4th July 1860, Alloway was disjoined from Ayr, and erected anew as a separate parish. In addition to the territory within its ancient boundaries, Alloway thereafter included certain lands on the right bank of the Water of Doon taken from the parish of Maybole. In 1891 the modern parish church of Alloway was considerably enlarged.]

JAMES RAMSAY, reader from 1567 to 156^ 1580; pres. to the parsonage and vicarage by James VI. 28th March 1573.— [Reg. Assig.]


JAMES DALRYMPLE, min. of Ayr; 1573 pres. to the vicarage 13th Aug. 1573.

THOMAS FALCONER, reader in 1589 1589.

ANDREW MILLAR, min. in 1628; 1628 pres. to Girvan 26th Nov. 1632.

DAVID M'QUORNE, min. before 1636. As he had neither manse, glebe, nor competent allowance, the Presb., on 12th July 1643, apparently gave him leave to accept a call to any other parish, but it was not till 11th Sept. 1662 that he was pres. to Straiton.



JOHN LOCHHEAD, born Toward, Argyll, 1833, eldest son of Thomas L., farmer ; educated at Glasgow Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Dunoon ; ord. 17th Feb. 1859 ; first min. of the parish 4th July 1860 ; res. on account of voice failure, 1880, and went to reside at Cheltenham.

SAMUEL MARCUS DILL, born Belfast, 20th Dec. 1843, son of Professor Robert Foster D., M.D., M.R.C.S., Queen's College, Belfast, and Catherine Haughton Rentoul ; educated at Royal Belfast Institu- tion, Queen's College, Belfast, Assembly's Theological College, Belfast, Theological




College, Geneva ; Queen's University, Ire- land; B.A. (1864), M.A. (1866), licen. by Presb. of Belfast Dec. 1867 ; ord. to Cumber, Co. Londonderry, 5th May 1868 ; trans, to Ballymena, Co. Antrim, 7th May 1874 ; adm. here 5th May 1881 ; D.D. (United Theological Faculties of Presbyterian Church of Ireland, 1907); joint -convener of Committee on Small Livings 1912 ; Moderator of the General Assembly 21st May 1912; dem. 4th June 1918. Marr. 4th July 1878, Agnes Graham, daugh. of John James Kowe of Dinglefield, Liverpool, and has issue Kathleen Norah, army nurse, born 14th June 1880 ; Marcus Graham, brevet major R.A.M.C., served in France, bom 22nd Feb. 1882 ; Robert Foster, D.S.O., captain 129th Baluchis, born 6th June 1883, killed in France 11th April 1915; Agnes Rosa, born 4th Jan. 1887 ; John Rowe, lieut. 49th Punjabis, born 3rd Dec. 1889, killed in France, 6th June 1915; Hessy Foster, born 31st Jan. 1892 ; Alfred Vincent, M.B., Ch.B., born 26th April 1893 ; Louise le Blanc, born 20th May 1897. Publications Sermons and Contributions to Theological and Literary Magazines ; The Church, The Body of Christ [Assembly Closing Address] (Edinburgh, 1912).


born Beith, 28th April 1879, son of John H. and Isabella Steedman ; educated at Beith Academy, Vale of Leven Academy, and Univ. of Glasgow ; M.A. (1902), B.D. (1905); licen. by Presb. of Dunbarton April 1905 ; assistant at Ren- frew ; ord. to St James's, Ayr, 14th Feb. 1912 ; trans, and adm. 18th Dec. 1918.


[A chapel was built at Annbank in 1871. This parish, erected 10th July 1914 by the Court of Teinds, was disjoined from the parishes of Tarbolton and St Quivox.]

GEORGE M'CONACHIE, M.A; ord. 1st Oct. 1873; trans, to Rerrick 24th July 1877.

GAVIN CRAWFORD, ord. 18th Oct. 77 1877 ; trans, to Fauldhouse 20th June 1882.

THOMAS WALLS, licen. by Presb. of 1882 Edinburgh 12th May 1880 ; ord. 25th Sept. 1882; res. 1st Dec. 1886; was assistant at Shettleston 1892.

ANDREW ROBERTSON, M.A.; ord. 30th Dec. 1886; trans, to Cadzow


13th Dec. 1888.

JOHN MANN CALLAN, educated at

1889 Univ- of Glasgow; M.A. (1882);

licen. and ord. by Presb. of Dunoon

to Presbyterian Church, Balwearie, Pictou,

Nova Scotia, 1886; adm. here 1889; res. 1895.

MELVILLE VIPONT ANDERSON 1895 [afterwards David Avenel Vipont]; ord. 28th Aug. 1895; trans, to St Ninian's Mission, Edinburgh, in 1898.

ROBERT CONDIE HUNTER, licen. 1898 ky Presb. of Dunfermline 1st May 1889; ord. 28th Sept. 1898; res. in 1900 ; assistant at Rutherglen in 1901, Lanark 1904, Abbotshall 1905, Dundee 1906, and Edinburgh 1907-8.

ALEXANDER CAMERON, ord. 26th lgoo April 1900; trans, to Inverchaolain, 3rd Aug. 1910.

GEORGE CAMPBELL, M.A. ; ord. 31st

1910 ®c*" ^^® ' trans- to Stronsay 6th Feb. 1913.

ROBERT SMITH MACKINTOSH, lgl3 M.A. ; ord. 5th June 1913 ; first min. of the parish 10th July 1914; trans, to St Margaret's, Arbroath, 6th Dec. 1916.

GEORGE LINDSAY STEWART, born 1917 Glasgow, 22nd Sept. 1880, son of William S. and Maria Lindsay ; edu- cated at Kilmarnock Academy, Univ. of Edinburgh, and Free Church College, Edin- burgh ; licen. by Free Presb. of Glasgow, 14th June 1910 ; assistant at Fountainbridge Free Church, Edinburgh ; ord. to Free Church, Dumfries, 11th Aug. 1910; trans, to Free Church, Dunbarton, 18th Feb. 1915; trans, and adm. 3rd May 1917. Marr. 3rd Oct. 1900, Anna, daugh. of John Smith, and has issue William, born 27th April 1902 ; Lindsay, born 13th Aug. 1903 ; George, born 27th June 1907 ; Constance, born 15 th May 1910.




[The church of Auchinleck belonged of old to the Abbey of Paisley. In 1754 Alexander Boswell, Lord Auchinleck, a senator of the College of Justice, added an aisle to the church. He was a judge of some note, but is now perhaps best known as the father of James Boswell, Dr Samuel Johnson's biographer. The parish had a Well named Our Lady's, and near Auchinleck Castle stood a Chapel of St Vincent. In 1844 Auchinleck Church was rebuilt on a new site adjoining the old one. There is a" mission chapel at Darnconner.]

JOHN INGLIS, trans, from Ochiltree before 1574 ; returned there after





GEORGE WALKER, son of John W., bailie in Newmills; MA. (Glasgow 1607) j min. in 1617 ; died June 1621, aged about 34. He marr. Martha Granger, who died in 1640. [Milne Home Papers, 87 ; Glasg. Tests. ; Tombst.]

JOHN SHAW, son of Alexander S. in Clauchphymett ; MA. (Glasgow 1617) ; min. in 1631 ; died after 28th March. 1649. He marr. Margaret Douglas, and had issue William, apprenticed to James Durie, merchant, Edinburgh, 27th Nov. 1650. [Sed.-Book of Teinds; Ayr Sas., iii. 220, vii. 640.]

ANDREW DALRYMPLE,MA.; called March 1650 ; adm. 22nd Jan. 1651 ; deprived by Act of Parliament 11th June, and Decreet of Privy Council 1st Oct. 1662. He was accused of holding con- venticles 8th April 1669. He had an in- dulgence at Sorn 2nd Sept. 1669.— [P. C. Reg., 3rd ser., iii., 3, 70.]

ALEXANDER RAMSAY, M.A.; be- i662 came min. here after 1662; some "desperate villains" having entered and robbed his house on the night of 12th Jan. 1672 and maltreated him and his family, the Privy Council sent down a com- mission under a strong military guard to investigate the matter, and the parish was

fined 3500 merks as damages sustained by the min. ; elected to Greyfriars, Edinburgh, 1669.— [P. C. Reg., 3rd ser., iii., 444 et seq.]


JOHN WATSON, MA. (Glasgow, 14th July 1670); adm. before 23rd June 1680. The edict was served under the protection of three troops of dragoons, and at the Revolution W. was forced into the churchyard by ninety armed men, who prevented him from preaching and tore his gown. He died between 27th March 1696 and 6th Nov. 1697. He marr. Janet Crichton. [Mauchline Sess. Reg. ; Glasg. Tests. ; Rule's Sec. Vindication.]


JOHN CAMPBELL, MA. (Glasgow 1661) ; ord. 4th Feb. 1679 ; was one of the members constituting the Presb. after the Toleration 3rd Aug. 1687 ; died Nov. 1688, aged about .47. He marr., and had issue a daugh. (marr. Adam Stillie of Chang).— [Glasg. Tests. ; Tombst.]

JOHN LAURIE, MA. (Glasgow, 27th July 1676) ; ord. Presbyterian min. at Macosquin, Coleraine, Ireland ; called to Penpont before 8th Oct. 1689 ; called in Nov., and adm. 29th Dec. 1692 ; died June 1710, aged about 54. He marr., and had issue James, min. of Kirkmichael. [Craivf ord John Sess. Reg. ; Wodrow's Anal.]

JOHN GRANT, son of Lewis G. of Whitetree ; ord. to Knockbain 27th Sept. 1711; called 29th May, and adm. 9th July 1712. He was accused at the Presb. 28th April 1731, of having been absent from his parish from Oct. 1729, and providing an assistant for one month only, that he had visited the families in the parish only once in four years, and had dispensed the Communion not more than two or three times since his admission. His demission was accepted 9th June 1731 ; retired to London, where he became min. of a Presby- terian meeting-house. On the death in 1729 of his brother-in-law, Colin Campbell, the celebrated architect, he inherited a large fortune. He died Jan. 1732. He marr. Henrietta (died 6th June 1731), daugh. of Donald Campbell, and had issue— Elizabeth; Ann; Alexander; Colin; Ludovick, adjutant




of Chelsea Hospital ; John ; Donald : Jean. [Edi?i. Tests. ; Wodrow's Anal. ; Boston's Memoirs, 377 ; Brown's Gospel Truth.]

DAVID COOPER, M.D. ; licen. at Rotterdam; called 6th Dec. 1731; pres. by James Boswell of Auchin- leck ; ord. 26 th April 1732 ; died 9th July 1751. He marr. May 1723, Janet Carstairs, who died 25 th March 1770, and had issue David ; William. Publication Two single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1735 ; Glasgow, 1747).



JOHN DUN, a native of Eskdale, Dumfriesshire ; educated at Univ. of Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. of Irvine 11th Sept. 1750; became chaplain in the family of Alexander Boswell, Lord Auchinleck, and tutor to James Boswell the biographer ; called 11th Aug., and ord. 9th Nov. 1752; died 11th Oct. 1792, aged 68. He marr. (1) 21st Nov. 1757, Mary Wilson, who died 2nd June 1762, aged 32, and had issue Elizabeth, born 8th Aug. 1758; Isabella, born 16th March 1760 (marr. Alexander Gillies, min. of Kil- maurs): (2) 28th Dec. 1770, Deborah Blackstock or Williamson, who died 13th December 1795, aged 63, and had issue Alexander Boswell, born 3rd July 1772. Publications Two single Sermons (Edin- burgh, 1766; Kilmarnock, 1 780) ; Sermons, 2 vols, (in the first of which is " the Deil's answer to his verra friend, R. Burns ") (Kilmarnock, 1790) ; Account of the Parish (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, xi.). [Steven's Atich- inleck, 32.]

JOHN LINDSAY, pres. by James Bos- well of Auchinleck in March, and ord. 29th Aug. 1793; trans, to Ochiltree 5th June 1818.


JAMES BOYD, pres. by Alexander Boswell of Auchinleck, M.P., 24th Nov. 1818; adm. 6th May 1819; trans, to Ochiltree 18th April 1833.



JAMES CHRYSTAL, born 1807, second son of William C, LL.D., rector of the Grammar School, Glasgow ; edu- cated at Univ. of Glasgow; M.A. (1825); licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 7th Oct. 1829 ; pres. by Sir James Boswell of Auchin-


leek, Bart., 25th April, and ord. 19th Sept. 1833 ; sometime Clerk of Presb. ; D.D. (Glasgow 1861) ; Moderator of General Assembly 22nd May 1879; LL.D. (St Andrews 1893); died Father of the Church, 6th Feb. 1901. He marr. 1st Oct. 1834, Sophia (died 21st July 1890), daugh. of Patrick Playfair of Dalmarnock, West India merchant, Glasgow, and had issue —William, born 30th July 1835, died 12th April 1845 ; Jane Playfair, born 12th Feb. 1837, died 29th Nov. 1884 ; Patrick, Bom- bay, born 28th June 1838, died 17th June 1885 ; James Robert, min. of Coltness, born 6th Oct. 1839 ; Andrew, merchant, Montreal, born 19th Jan. 1841, died 16th Feb. 1885; David, born 17th Sept. 1843, died 21st June 1857; John Smith, born 12th Oct. 1845; Sophia Ann, born 3rd June 1847 (marr. Pearson M'Adam Muir, D.D., min. of Glasgow Cathedral). Publication The Doc- trine and Position of the Church of Scotland (Assembly Address, Edinburgh, 1879).

JAMES HILL, born Dundee, 20th July 1863, son of Alexander H. and Barbara Hill ; educated at West End Academy, Dundee, and Univ. of St Andrews ; M.A. (1885), B.D. (1888) ; licen. by Presb. of Dundee May 1888; assistant at Maxwelltown and Darnconner Mission ; ord. (assistant and successor) 23rd Nov. 1893. Marr. 22nd April 1903, Agnes Jane, daugh. of Hugh Blair M'Lellan, and has issue Alexander, born 3rd March 1904 ; Hugh Blair M'Lellan, born 20th July 1907 ; James, born 16th June and died 31st July 1908 ; Alison Irene, born 15th Feb. 1911; Eric Alan (twin), born 15th Feb. 1911.


[Until the Reformation the Rectory of Ayr was a prebend of Glasgow. Its church, a spacious structure with choir and tran- septs, was dedicated to St John the Baptist. The Parliament held at Ayr by Robert I., to settle the succession of the Crown, appears to have sat in St John's Church. About 1652 this fine building was pulled down by Oliver Cromwell to furnish material for a fort which he was erecting close by. The



church tower only was spared ; it has re- centlybeen the subject of careful restoration. The foundation outlines of St John's can still be well made out. In its stead there was built about 1654 a smaller and much plainer edifice, which has come to be called the Old Church of Ayr. It stands upon ground formerly occupied by the Grey Friars. When the nineteenth century began, the population of the old parish of Alloway had become greatly reduced, while the town of Ayr was steadily growing. In 1810 church services at Alloway were given up, and there was built at Ayr a second place of worship for the united parishes. This building, termed the New Church, stands near the ruins of St John's. Besides the high altar, there were in St John's Church a good many minor altars. Among these were dedications to the Holy Trinity, the Holy Blood, the Holy Rood, St Mary, St Michael, St Peter, St Ninian, St Nicholas, St Christopher, and St Eloi. The chief yearly fairs at Ayr were St John's on St John the Baptist's day, 24th June, and St Michael's at Michaelmas, 29th September. St John's Fair is still held, but now the fair day is the last Tuesday of June, old style. At Doonslie in the parish of Ayr there was a hospital of St Leonard. The parishes of Ayr and Alloway were united in 1690. In 1860 this union was dissolved by the re-erection of the parish of Alloway. In the town of Ayr there was a priory of the Black Friars, dedicated to St Katherine ; and beside it was St Katherine's Well. This priory, founded in 1230, was the earliest house of the Dominicans in Scotland. In it was kept an image of the Virgin Mary greatly famed for miraculous power, and much resorted to by pilgrims. In the Black Friars' Church there was an altar of St Duthac. John Willock, a notable supporter of the Reformation, who became a colleague of John Knox in Edin- burgh, was bred a Black Friar of A.yr. The Grey Friars also had a priory in the town. It was founded in 1472 on the site now occupied by the Old Church and its churchyard. On the sloping ground be- tween that church and the water of Ayr the Friars' Well is still to be seen.]


1559 became min. here Nov. 1559 ; trans, to St Andrews in 1560.

JAMES DALRYMPLE, is mentioned at

1560 the first General Assembly, 20th Dec. 1560, as reader ; " thought

qualified for preaching the word and ad- ministering the sacraments." He entered at Beltane 1568 ; pres. to the vicarage by James VI. 8th Aug. 1571, to the parsonage and vicarage of Alloway 13th Aug. 1573, and to the parsonage of Ayr 28th Nov. 1579. He was a member of the Conven- tion at Leith in 1571, and of the Assembly, Aug. 1572 and 1578. He died in 1580, leaving a widow and children. [Booke of the Kirk ; Calderwood's Hist. ii. 45 ; Beg. Assig. ; Acts and Dec, xlviii., 145, 10th Dec. 1572.]

ROBERT HERBERTSON, called parson

1574 °^ ^-YV *n 15^4- [Fraser's Maxwells of Pollok, i., 310.]

JOHN PORTERFIELD, adm. min. of 1580 Dunbaxton in 1564, but banished therefrom before Dec. 1568 ; became min. of Kilmaronock and vicar of Ardrossan, to which he was pres. by James VI. 29th April 1568 ; trans, here in 1580 ; pres. to the parsonage by James VI. 25th April 1581, and to the parsonage " callit Air secundo " 22nd Sept. 1582. He was a member of at least eleven Assemblies preceding Whit- sunday 1597 ; was one of those nominated by the Privy Council 6th March 1589, for preservation of true religion within the baillierie of Kyle, and was dead before 10th April 1604. He is said to have been " easy in his disposition, even going to bow- butts and archery on the Sabbath after- noons." He marr. (1) Margaret Smollet : (2) Elizabeth Stewart, who survived him. [Beg. Assig.; Booke of the Kirk; Calder- wood's Hist., ii. 501 passim, iv. 566, v. 447 ; Life of Welsh ; Melville's Autob. ; Ayr Sas. Sec. Beg., i., 161 ; Beg. of Deeds, cxl., 30th Nov. 1607 ; Prot. Book of John Mason, Ayr (Hist. Coll. Ayr and Gall., vi., 179).]

JOHN WELSH [WELCH], born about

1600 15^0' son °f John W. of Colliston,

parish of Dunscore, Dumfriesshire,

and Marion Grier. After finishing a some-



what desultory education he joined a band of Border thieves, till like the prodigal "he began to be in want," and being ashamed of himself he returned, and through an intercessor, sought reconciliation with his offended parent. He went to the Univ. of Edinburgh, graduated M.A. in 1588, and was the first min. who had studied there. He was nominated, 6th March 1589, by the Privy Council one of a committee for maintaining the true religion in the Forest and Tweeddale ; was adm. min. of Selkirk in 1589 ; trans, to Kirkcudbright in 1594 ; app. 29th March 1596 one of the visitors for Nithsdale, Annandale, Lauderdale, Eskdale, and Ewesdale. On 18th Dec. of that year, while supplying the High Kirk, Edinburgh, during the flight of its own ministers, he so offended the king by his illustrations, that he also was obliged to take flight, till application was made by the Assembly on 5th March following for permitting his return to his charge. This in 1599 included Galtaway, Dunrod, and Kilchrist ; trans, to Ayr as assistant Aug. 1600. In consequence of the crowds who were attracted by his preaching, the Town Council resolved, 26th May 1603, to erect a new church, which, however, was not carried out till 1652. On John Porterfield's death in 1604, the people unanimously elected W. his successor, and on 10th April they requested the Town Council to ratify their choice and assign him a stipend. Though he did not arrive at Aberdeen till two days after an Assembly had been held there, 2nd July 1605, in opposition to the royal will, he zealously approved its proceedings, and has been considered one of its chief supporters. He was summoned before the Privy Council 25th July, and committed prisoner to the castle of Blackness on the 27th. Declining the authority of the Privy Council 24th Oct., in a cause which he considered spiritual, he, with four others, was tried before the Justiciary at Linlithgow 10th Jan. following, found guilty, and banished from His Majesty's dominions for life, 23rd Oct. 1606. He went to France and studied the language of the country so successfully that in fourteen weeks he was

able to preach in it with fluency. After preaching at Bordeaux, he was inducted parson at Jonsac in the end of 1608, at Nerac in 1614, and St Jean dAngely about 1617. For several years after he was banished, the Town Council of Ayr regu- larly remitted his stipend to him. St Jean dAngely was besieged in 1620 by Louis XIII. while he was there. By the law of the kingdom no Protestant worship was allowed at the place where the king resided ; nevertheless, W. continued to hold his ser- vices, and when called before the king and demanded how he durst do so, he replied, "If your Majesty knew what I preach, you would command others, and come yourself to hear it ; I preach salvation by Jesus Christ ; and sure I am your conscience tells you, your own works will never merit salvation for you ; I preach there is none on earth above you, which none of those that adhere to the Pope will say." This firm and energetic reply so pleased the sovereign, that he exclaimed, "Very well, father, you shall be my minister," at the same time promising his protection, so that when the town was taken in the following year, guards of safety were planted at his house, and he and his family conveyed to Eochelle at the king's expense. In consequence of declining health, he was induced to return to Britain in 1622, intending thereafter to settle in the newly formed colony of Nova Scotia. At London his wife petitioned the king in person on his behalf, with urgent solicitude, when James, who had suffered under the faith- ful rebuke of W. for his unkingly habit of swearing, replied that if she would persuade her husband to submit to the bishops, he would have his permission. With a fortitude and heroism worthy of her husband and her father, Mrs W., lifting up her apron, and holding it towards her sovereign, mildly yet firmly said, "Please your Majesty I'd rather kep (receive) his head there (in her lap)." W. died in London 2nd April 1622, and was buried two days later in St Botolph, Bishopsgate. He marr. previous to 8th April 1596, Eliza- beth (died at Ayr, 8th Jan. 1625), youngest daugh. of John Knox the Reformer, and



had issue— John, bapt. 8th June 1606; William, doctor of physic, died before 1633; Josias, min. of Temple-patrick, Ireland, died 1634; Nathaniel; Lucy; and another. Pub- lications— A Reply against Mr Gilbert Brown, priest (Edinburgh, 1602) [reprinted as Popery Anatomized by Matthew Craw- ford, min. of Eastwood (Glasgow, 1672)] ; V Armageddon de la Babylon Apocalyptique (Jonsac, 1612) ; Thirty-Jive Sermons (Edin- burgh, 1744); Discourses (1752); "Letters to Mr Robert Boyd of Trochrig" (Woodrow Miscell.); A Cryto the Whole JW^ (Glasgow, 1785); Forty-eight Select Sermons (Glasgow, 1811).— [Beg. Assig. ; Life (Sermons); Liv- ingston's Charac. ; Select Biog., i., 1-61 ; Edin. Chr. Inst., xxii. ; Glasg. Tests. ; Edin. Reg. {Bapt.) ; Young's Life of Welsh ; Calderwood's Hist., i., 420, 621, 685, passim; Reg. of Deeds, cccclxiii., 282 ; Diet. Nat. Biog. ; Notes and Queries, 9th ser., iv., 433 ; Craig-Brown's Selkirkshire, ii., 220 ; M'Crie's Knox, App., p. 417.]

GEORGE DUNBAR, probably of the . family of Dunbar of Cumnock, was min. of Cumnock in 1599; trans, about 1607 ; removed by the Privy Council 12th Oct. 1611, and commanded to be warded in Dunbarton, for praying for the banished brethren, his predecessor, and others ; became min. of Second Charge in 1613, and returned here in 1619.

' WILLIAM BIRNIE of that ilk, born Edinburgh 1563, only son of William B. of that ilk and Margaret Fraser ; educated at St Andrews; M.A. (1588); became a merchant, but sustaining con- siderable losses, he returned to his studies and studied divinity at Leyden Univ. for three years ; was on the exercise at Edin- burgh 25th Jan. 1596 ; pres. to the vicarage of Lanark 28th Dec. 1597 ; app. 4th Aug. 1603 master and economus of the hospital and almshouse of St Leonard ; and on 26th Sept. 1612 Dean of the Chapel Royal ; adm. here that year and pres. to parsonages and vicarages of Ayr and Alloway by James VI. 16th June 1614. He was a member of the Court of High Commission 21st Dec. 1615, and one of the commissioners for the

suppression of popery agreed to by the Assembly 1616; died 19th Jan. 1619. It was said of him, " He was of good personage, and so agile, that he could make the salmon's leap, by stretching himself on the grass, leaping to his feet, and again throwing them over his head." He was also " pleasant, pious, and charitable even above his estate."

" He waited on his charge with care and pains, At Air, on little hopes and smaller gains."

He marr. Elizabeth, daugh. of John Lindsay, min. of Carstairs (she survived him, and marr. (2) James Harper, surgeon, and (3) John Harper, min. of West Kilbride), and had issue John, merchant, born 1600, served heir to his father 31st Jan. 1621 ; James, merchant, afterwards secretary to the King of Poland; Robert, min. of Lanark ; Elizabeth (marr. (1) George Fer- guson, treasurer of Ayr : (2) Dr Steinson, physician, Ayr) ; Margaret (marr. Hew Harper of the family of Cambusnethan). Publication The Blame of Kirk-Bttriall (Edinburgh, 1606, reprinted London, 1833). [Family of Birnie of Broomhill ; Nisbet's Her. Plates, 24 ; Glasg. Tests. ; Glasg. Marr. Reg. ; Reg. Sec. Sig. ; Inq. Ret. Gen., 940 ; Calderwood's Hist., vii., 206, 230 ; Booke of the Kirk; Reg. of Deeds, ccexxxi., 95; -Hugh Davidson's Lanark, 39.]

GEORGE DUNBAR, trans, from Second Charge in 1619; deprived by the Court of High Commission 10th Jan. 1622, for not conforming to the articles of Perth Assembly, endeavouring to prevent their being enacted by the Parliament, and declining the authority of the court being at the same time ordained to be warded at Dumfries. Instead of giving obedience, he continued to preach in the town, though denounced a rebel and put to the horn. Thus the magistrates were brought to trouble, and he was ordered by royal warrant, 30th July 1624, to be sent to Ire- land. Being summoned before the Privy Council 22nd Sept. thereafter, he declared "that he wald acquiess to his majesties will and pleasure." He was then described as " ane decrepite, poore, aged man," yet he went to Ireland, was min. at Lame, for twelve years (1624-1636), and then returned




to the charge of Mid-Calder in his native country.— [Orig. Lett., ii. ; Livingston's Charac. ; Calderwood's Hist., vii., 534 ; Reid's Ireland, i., 113 ; Blair's Autob., 73.]

WILLIAM ANNAND, descended from 1625 the family of A. of Auchterellen ; M.A. (Aberdeen, King's College, 1608) ; adm. min. of Ruthven in Strath- bogie about 1615 ; trans, to Falkirk about July 1617 ; pres. to the parsonages and vicarages of Ayr and Alloway by James VI. 2nd Aug. 1625, the livings being at that time held in conjunction as there was no church in Alloway; adm. 14th Nov. that year. Being appointed to preach before the Synod at Glasgow 30th Aug. 1637, he made an able defence of the service book, then proposed to be introduced, which caused "a great dinne." Retiring from the church, in presence of the arch- bishop and magistrates, about thirty or forty women fell upon him, " rayling, cursing, and scolding." Having visited the bishop, and taken his leave after supper, he was "no sooner on the causey, at nine o'clock, in a mirk night, than some hundreds of enraged women, of all qualities, were about him with neaves, staves, and peats : they beat him sore, his cloake, ruffe and hat were rent : upon his cryes, how- ever, and candles set out from many windows, he escaped all bloody wounds ; yet was in great danger, even of killing." When he went with the bailies and sundry ministers to mount his horse next day, " many women were waiting to affront him. At his onlouping, his horse fell above him, in a very foul myre, in presence of all the company ; which occasioned more speech." He was dep. by the Assembly 14th Dec. 1638 for erroneous doctrine. He retired to England, where he obtained, 16th Nov. 1639 the vicarage of Selling, Kent, which he resigned on being inducted to the rectory of Throwley in the same county 15th July 1649 ; he held also the rectory of Leave- land, and was allowed £200 sterling by the Parliament of Scotland 2nd July 1661. He died before 10th Nov. 1663, and is said to have been " a person of great gifts, and resolutely opposed to all things which he

considered Puritanical." He marr. 24th Sept. 1617, Margaret Lindsay of the parish of South Leith, and had issue William, dean of Edinburgh ; Barbara, who had a pension of £20 sterling, 17th May 1679. {Reg. Sec. Sig. ; S. Leith Marr. Reg. ; Baillie's Lett. ; Peterkin's Records ; Hasted's Kent, ii. ; Lindsay's Lives, ii. ; Acts of Pari., vii. ; Maitland Miscell. ; Privy Seal Eng. Reg., iii., 250.]

JOHN FERGUSHILL of Burnockstoun, 1639 son of David F., provost of Ayr; educated at the School of Ayr, Univ. of Edinburgh, Montauban, and Univ. of Glasgow ; M.A. (1612) ; adm. to Ochiltree in 1614 ; trans, and adm. 14th Nov. 1639 ; died 11th June 1642, aged about 52, having been one of those accounted in their day " eminent for graces and gifts, or faithful- ness and success." He marr. (1) Agnes Eccles, who died before 1643, and had issue Robert of Burnockstoun, apprenticed to Patrick Hepburn, apothecary, Edinburgh, 23rd Feb. 1642 ; David, apprenticed to David Gray, merchant, Edinburgh, 7th Sept. 1636 ; William, apprenticed to Abra- ham Thomson, merchant, Edinburgh, 12th March 1645, and afterwards to Alexander Johnston : (2) Annabel, daugh. of Matthew Wallace, and had issue James ; Isobel ; Anne. [Baillie's Lett. ; Stevenson's Hist. ; Livingston's Charac. ; Peterkin's Records ; Ayr Sas., viii., 81, 160 ; G. R. Sas., liii., 268.]

WILLIAM ADAIR, son of William A. of Kinhilt, and brother of Sir Robert A. of Kinhilt and Ballymena; ord. to Second Charge 24th Oct. 1639 ; pres. by Town Council and Committee in 1645, and by Charles I. ; adm. 22nd Aug. 1646. An Act of Parliament was passed, 16th Jan. 1649, in favour of him and others who had opposed the Royal forces at Mauchline- Moor June 1648. In 1651 he joined the Protesting party in the Church, and was app. in 1654 by the English Council on the committee for authorising admissions to the ministry in the province of Glasgow and Ayr. In 1662 he was called before the Lord Chancellor for not signing, with six other brethren, the explanation of the Oath of Allegiance laid before Parliament




on 28th May, but escaped censure. Though not conforming to Episcopacy, he continued to discharge his duty, being merely confined to the parish ; and when an accommoda- tion was proposed to certain Presbyterian ministers by Leighton in 1670, he took an active share in their proceedings. He and his colleague had a presentation to the prebends of Ayr and Alio way, 11th Dec. 1677. On 11th Dec. 1682 he had sentence of deposition passed on him, because he would not conform. He died 12th' Feb. 1684, aged 69. He marr. (1) Janet Kennedy, widow of Robert Cunningham, min. of Holywood, Ireland, and had issue William of Prestwickskaws; Patrick, min. at Belfast, author of Adair's Narrative, died 1694; Archibald : (2) Janet, daugh. of Robert Boyd of Trochrig. [Glasgow Tests ; Reg. Sec. Sig. ; Wodrow's Anal. ; Nicol's Diary ; Inq. Ret. Gen.,4242 ; Acts and Dec. 'Dal., 15th July 1696 j G. R. Inhib., 12th Sept. 1662.]

ALEXANDER GREGORIE, a native 168S °^ Banff; educated at Univ. and King's College, Aberdeen ; MA. (1661) ; passed trials before Presb. of Paisley, and got a testimonial for licence 28th Jan., and pres. to Dreghorn before 30th May 1664 ; trans, to St Quivox before 1669 ; trans, and adm. before 4th June 1683 ; there was, 14th Jan. 1689, " no sermon both ministers being discharged to preach by ane armed partie of hillmen " ; died at North Leith, Dec. 1694, aged about 54. " Though his gift of preaching was not so great as some others, yet none excelled him in presiding at the Presbytery or Synod, from his great tact in holding his brethren close to the point they were observing." He marr. 18th Sept. 1666, Anna Ross, who survived him, and had issue William ; Joseph ; John ; Anna (marr. 18th June 1702, Thomas Arklie, indweller, Coltbridge) ; Marion.— [Edin. I'ests. ; Edin. Bur. Reg. ; St Cuthbert's Marr. Reg. ; Rule's Sec. Vindication; Inq. Ret. Gen., 8010.]

WILLIAM ECCLES, eldest son of John

1692 ^" °^ Kildonan, whom he succeeded

in that estate ; ord. to Second Charge

3rd Jan. 1656; deprived in 1662; had an

indulgence at Paisley in 1672 ; returned to

Second Charge before 3rd Aug. 1687 ; trans, and adm. 23rd Aug. 1692 ; died 15th March 1694. He marr. (1) (cont. 7th and 16th Jan. 1657), Lilias, daugh. of Robert Baillie, Principal of Glasgow Univ., and had issue Robert of Kildonan ; Helen (marr. Allan Chalmers of Sauchrie) : (2) 29th Jan. 1690, Anna, daugh. of Colonel John Maxwell, fourth son of Sir James M. of Calderwood, and widow of Bickerstaff of Rosegift, Ireland. [Wodrow's Anal. ; Douglas's Baronage, 437 ; Baillie's Lett. ; Ayr Sher. Court Books, 16th Aug. 1695 ; Fraser's Maxwells of Pollok ; Glasgow Comm. Deeds.]

PATRICK LISTON, son of Patrick L. 1694 m Kirkliston, and Janet Wilkie ; M.A. (Edinburgh, 9th July 1688); called unanimously by Town Council, Session, Heritors, and Community, as col- legiate min. 15th Jan., and ord. 18th April 1694 ; died 9th June 1700, aged about 32. He marr. Mary Chalmers, who survived him, and had issue Patrick ; Mary (marr. 17th Aug. 1719, Patrick Wilkie, min. of Haddington) ; Janet (marr. 15th Aug. 1731, George Dischington, writer, Edinburgh). He left 100 merks for the use of the poor. [Glasgoiv Tests. ; Edin. Sas., lxxiv., 260.]

JOHN HUNTER, born about 1670; 1W1 licen. by Presb. of Ayr 11th Sept. 1695 ; ord. to Second Charge 5th Feb. 1696 ; trans, and adm. 19th Feb. 1701.