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A Note on the Sources

The pages which have been filmed are the best copies available. Every technical effort possible has been ‘made to ensure legibility.


Reel duplication of the whole or of any part of this film is prohibited. In lieu of transcripts, however, enlarged photocopies of selected items contained on these reels may be made in order to facilitate research.


These ten notebooks, which are larger than the standard-size laboratory notebooks, served primarily as clean copy records, into which experimental plans and results were transcribed or in which data was tabulated. Three notebooks were used by Edison during the period 1902-1904 and annotated by him in later years. They contain compilations and transcriptions of notes and drawings on numerous topics, including batteries, electromotographs, phonographs, telephones, and other apparatus. There are also references to experiments concerning chemistry, electricity, magnetism, radiation, and thermodynamics. Six notebooks covering the period 1904-1911 consist of graphs representing the performance of batteries. The graphs were prepared from data collected by Walter E. Holland on experimental cells, Edison "E" and "A" type cells, and the batteries of competitors. Another notebook, used by Edison in 1907, contains tests on the solubility of lithium compounds.

Notebook, E-4296

This notebook covers the period March 1902-February 1903, with a few entries from 1919. itcontains notes and drawings transcribed by Edison from other notebooks, including many entries from N-03-01-22 (see "Notebooks by Edison"). The experiments relate to a variety of matters, including phonograph record composition and molding, electromotographs and amplification, and the chemical properties of compounds. Among the entries are speculative notes on electricity, magnetism, and thermodynamics; a list of 285 experiments or groups of experiments to perform; and a list of compounds that fluoresce in the presence of x-rays. There are references to proposed "xyz" receivers and recorders, “marconi" waves, telephones, organic storage batteries, thermocouples, and other apparatus. There are also references to the work of physicist Adolphe Ganot (E. Atkinson, trans., Elementary Treatise on Physics, Experimental And Applied: Translated and Edited from Ganot's Eléments de Physique) and other scientists. Some of the entries are indicated as "entered from old books.” Beginning on page 61 is a series of "notes from book of March 1902."

Notebook, E-4297

This notebook covers the period February-December 1903, with a few entries from 1912. Itcontains notes and drawings transcribed by Edison from othernotebooks, including many entries from N-03-02-27.1 and entries related to material in N-03-12-29 (see "Notebooks by Edison"). The experiments pertain to a variety of matters, including electricity, electromagnetic radiation, phonographs, photography, and telephones. There are also lists of chemical compounds under headings such as "gelatinous substances," "gummy chemicals," "soapy chemicals," "pitchy masses," and "chemicals which can be drawn into threads"; and a list of slides used to test compounds that fluoresce with radium, with an indication that the radioactive samples were received from William J. Hammer. Other entries deal with amplification, phonograph recording and record molding, x-rays, storage batteries, and experimental apparatus combining cathode and other vacuum tubes with electrical devices.

Notebook, E-4298

This notebook was used by Edison during November 1904. There is one additional entry from 1927. It contains notes and drawings relating to experiments with alkaline storage batteries that may have been transcribed from other notebooks. The entries describe numbered groups of experimental cells to be constructed and indicate the results of tests performed on them. The groups of cells differ in their construction and chemical composition. Included are groups made with molasses, glucose, potassium cyanate, and various preparations of nickel hydroxide. Other groups are distinguished by differing treatments of cups and grids and differing charge or discharge conditions. The entry from 1927 is a brief note about a 1904 entry pertaining to iodides in electrolytes.

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Cell Test Notebooks

These six folio notebooks were used during the period August 1904-September 1911 to graph the performance of various batteries. The first four books relate to Edison's alkaline storage batteries. Included are tests of experimental cells as well as the Ad and A8 production models. The fifth and sixth books contain data on cells manufactured by competitors of the Edison Storage Battery Co., including the Columbia, Eveready, Exide, National, and Philadelphia brands. Most of the graphs indicate that the data was collected or approved by Walter E. Holland. The plots were drawn by Holland, "A. C." (probably Alvin D. Caskey), and others. Each graph provides information on charge and discharge conditions, and most pertain to several cells or several tests. Titles are stamped on the front cover of each book. The four volumes relating to Edison storage batteries have been selected.

Chemistry Notebook

This notebook was used by Edison in May 1907 to test the solubility of several lithium compounds,

Notebook, E-4296

This notebook covers the period March 1902-February 1903, with a few entries from 1919. It contains notes and drawings transcribed by Edison from other notebooks, including many entries from N-03-01-22 (see "Notebooks by

Edison"). The experiments relate to a variety of matters, including phonograph -

record composition and molding, electromotographs and amplification, and the chemical properties of compounds. Among the entries are speculative notes on electricity, magnetism, and thermodynamics; a list of 285 experiments or groups of experiments to perform; and a list of compounds that fluoresce in the presence of x-rays. There are references to proposed "xyz" receivers and recorders, "marconi" waves, telephones, organic storage batteries, thermocouples, and other apparatus. There are also references to the work of physicist Adolphe Ganot (E. Atkinson, trans., Elementary Treatise on Physics, Experimental And Applied: Translated and Edited from Ganot's Eléments de Physique) and other scientists. Some of the entries are indicated as "entered from old books." Beginning on page 61 is a series of "notes from book of March 1902." The book contains 301 numbered pages. Many pages are blank; pages 1-4 have been removed from the book.

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